A space for living and working at the heart of the Les Cézeaux campus

The Maison de la Vie Etudiante, or "MVE", is the student union building at the University of Clermont Auvergne, dedicated to student life.

The MVE is a place for meeting, exchanging, and discovering information at any time of day, thanks to the events that take place within its walls and the eating and relaxation facilities it offers (the Le Saxo cafeteria and the Nota Bene bar and club of the CROUS). Within the MVE, students have access to three work rooms, an free-access computer room, a meeting room and two music rooms with piano and drums, for individual practice. Students can also find the offices and staff of university services such as the University Health Service (SSU) (medical, social and nursing services), the University Disability Service (SUH), the Student Reception, Information and Orientation Centre (PAcIO), and the Student Life Office (BVE).

The MVE helps students involved in societies and associations to organise events (exhibitions, cultural and sporting events, etc.) and provides information about schemes available within the University to support and promote student initiatives (training, FSDIE, "student association leader" status, etc.).

Looking for somewhere to organise a student event?
The MVE provides you with access to its forum and function room (subject to reservation).
Events and exhibitions are organised in the MVE throughout the academic year with the support of the student tutors of the Student Life Office: games week, science fair, freshers' fair, etc.