Whatever your budget and preferences: the Clermont-Ferrand Crous offers four different types of restaurant

The Resto U: the budget option

A three-course meal for €3.25 consisting of a starter, main course, cheese or dessert and bread.


The cafeteria: à la carte

The menu is à la carte: dish of the day, grill, a choice of starters, salads, pizzas, a range of desserts and cakes, etc.


The Kiosque: on the move

A friendly space for students to get together and grab a bite: sandwiches, paninis, croque-monsieurs, filled rolls, salads, vegetables, dairy products, cakes, pastries, sweets, hot and cold drinks, breakfasts on some sites, etc.

The Clermont-Ferrand Crous offers various places to eat near the university buildings and Crous halls of residence.

The CROUS also runs a lively bar, the Nota Bene, where you can meet up with friends and enjoy a drink, a concert or a game of table football or pool.



Last but not least, you also have the choice of two fixed-menu restaurants in Clermont-Ferrand itself:
These are perfect for special occasions: end of the year, seminars, theses, etc. A set menu is proposed, lunchtimes only. Reservation is obligatory.