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Credit hour 6
Total number of hours 44
Number of hours for lectures 19
Number of hours for tutorials 25


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Cours magistraux
A review of modern volcanology, and the use of observations and measurements to solve basic rheological, dynamic, and thermodynamic equations.
• Magma systems properties (rheology, dykes and feeder systems, hydrothermal systems)
• Plumes (fragmentation mechanisms, plumes emission and ascent dynamics, ballistics, convective plumes)
• Ascent and eruption of silicic magmas (Plinian plumes, effusive-explosive transition, lava domes)
• Flows (lava, pyroclastic density currents and debris avalanches: dynamics and deposits)
• Field (application of field methodology to analyze dykes, fallout and lavas, and to collect data for modelling and source-term constraint.
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Application of CM

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